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Modern holiday cottages in Masuria


Modernity, comfort and closeness to nature make Masurian Hytte an ideal place for relaxation and investment.

For investors, we have proposals to purchase and sublet in the CONDO system, and for those who are looking for a dream place to relax, we invite you to choose and buy your house for your own needs.


Among forests, meadows and lakes, we have located 30 holiday houses that make up the Masurian Hytte complex, which is open all year round. When creating our houses, we were inspired by the lifestyle popular in Scandinavia in line with the hygge ideology, and the effect we obtained exceeded our wildest expectations. Our guests are handed over to our guests, designed with the greatest care and fully equipped Hytte.

Plan your vacation today and discover the charms of the western part of Masuria.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences


Mazurskie Hytte is located in the village of Wynki, Łukta commune in the western part of Masuria, right next to the historic border with Warmia.


The location of the houses near the lakes Łoby and Isąg is an ideal solution for lovers of spending free time by the water. Our guests will have kayaks, boats and recently popular SUPs at their disposal.


There are two rural beaches with jetties and a beach volleyball court within a 5-minute walk from the houses.


The forest located just behind the houses, with the Taborskie pine trees found only in this region, is an ideal place for walks. It is also hundreds of kilometers of bicycle paths in beautiful natural circumstances.


In Łukcie, just 5 km away, there are well-stocked grocery stores, a kiosk, a pharmacy and a café with the most delicious ice cream in the area.


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Mazurskei Hytte is an investment designed and implemented by us, i.e. a married couple, Emilia and Adrian Otoliński.

A seven-year stay in Norway and observation of the lifestyle of this country’s inhabitants by the fjords inspired us to create a comfortable place to rest and spend free time in nature in Poland.
Many years of experience gained in working in banking and investing in the real estate market in Norway since 2013 (participation in over a hundred projects for the amount of over PLN 200 million), allowed us to implement the Mazurskei Hytte project. Our idea is to create a place where nature plays the most important role in relaxation.
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